To do list


Let us be the one who dares to think and be myself


Dare list

  1. ✗Learn to play guitar🎸 学习吉他
  2. ✗Play a beautiful tune on the piano🎹 以钢琴演奏
  3. ✗Become a master of mobile photography 📱摄影大师
  4. ✗Debug Tool Man Debug 超人
  5. ✗Develop chest and abdominal muscles 💪胸肌与腹肌
  6. ✗Top conference paper as first author 发表顶会论文 📃
  7. ✗Obtain a Doctor of Philosophy 获得博士学位👨‍🎓
  8. ✗Read 100 books (0/100) 📕
  9. ✗Take Mom and Dad to a big meal 带爸爸妈妈吃大餐🍣
  10. ✗Hold stocks and make a profit 持有股票并盈利📈
  11. ✗Get a patent authorization 🈸 获得专利
  12. ✗Watch a football match in live. ⚽现场看球
  13. ✗Photo with football star 与足球明星合影📷
  14. ✗Invest on a company 做出自己的投资
  15. ✗Take my family for a physical 带家人体检
  16. ✓Fall in love 陷入热恋
  17. ✗Hold a exquisite wedding 操办精致的婚礼💒
  18. ✗Have business 做生意💎
  19. ✓Write blogs in my own website 拥有个人网站 😃
  20. ✗ Become the author of a book 写一本书 📚
  21. ✗ Build my own home 装扮自己的家👨‍👩‍👦
  22. ✗Teach more than one open courses 做不止一次公开课✍
  23. ✗Make a deal with a politician 与政客做一次交易💸
  24. ✗Work/Live in another country 在国外生活/工作一段时间🌏
  25. ✗Be reported 被报道 🆕
  26. ✗Complete the marathon 完成一次马拉松🎖
  27. ✗Start recording life with vlog 开始用vlog记录生活😋
  28. ✗More than 1000 star repo in GitHub 自己项目有1000⭐的项目
  29. ✗Master a foreign language 掌握一门的外语

Book list

  1. ✗《橘子不是唯一的水果》
  2. ✗《柏拉图与技术呆子》
  3. ✗《看得见的与看不见的》
  4. ✗《你当像鸟飞向你的山》
  5. ✗《菊与刀》
  6. ✗《富爸爸穷爸爸》
  7. ✗《原则》
  8. ✗《一切皆为设计》
  9. ✗《送你一颗子弹》
  10. ✗《蛤蟆先生去看心理医生》








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